Making Lives Brighter

CRCC is a multi-service community behavioral health center and is staffed by highly qualified professionals with expertise and trainging in a variety of behavioral health needs. We treat a wide range of behavioral health issues including:

Professional Therapists You Need
Our mental health counselors provide services for children, adolescents and adults. Treatment interventions are offered in individual, family, or group-based depending on the needs of those involved. The areas of intervention include:

• Adult Life Adjustment
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Mental Illness
• Physical Abuse
• Sexual Abuse
• Marital Problems
• Adolescent Adjustment
• Parenting Issues
• Anger Issues
• Domestic Violence
Professional Therapist

Emergency Crisis Services
When a mental health emergency occurs during business hours, you may come to CRCC in person or call us on the phone. A qualified staff member assesses the problem and assists in obtaining needed services. Should a mental health crisis occur when CRCC is closed, assistance may be obtained by calling (217) 359-4141.