About Us

Our Mission, Purpose, and Philosophy 

Community Resource & Counseling Center, Inc. (CRCC) promotes behavioral health and a belief in recovery by providing an array of accessible, evidence based services, including outpatient therapy/counseling, community support, case management, crisis intervention, and community education. CRCC also works cooperatively with community partners to further enhance the quality of life for consumers in Ford County and surrounding area. 

The purpose of CRCC is the prevention and treatment of mental, emotional, and behavioral dysfunction, with a belief in the recovery model. Public education concerning good behavioral health practices, mental illness and its effects on the individual and community, and resources will be provided on a regular basis in various forms throughout the community, which will:

  •  promote the dignity of every individual
  •  enhance a person’s individuality
  •  encourage the potential for independence, autonomy, and health
  • develop personal responsibility within oneself, and positive relationships with the family and the community

Community Resource & Counseling Center, Inc. (CRCC) believes in the inherent worth and uniqueness of each individual. Each individual has value, dignity, and rights and should have the encouragement and opportunity to develop his or her full potential.

Our History

In October of 1966, Dr. John T. Wood, then Medical Director of the Champaign County Mental Health Clinic, spoke to the Lions Club in Paxton regarding mental health needs in Ford County. A steering committee was formed and numerous informational meetings were held over the next few months to discuss the need for a mental health association in Ford County.

A nominating committee was selected on March 30, 1967. The committee consisted of seven persons representing the seven major areas of the county - Gibson City, Paxton, Melvin, Sibley, Roberts, Piper City, and Kempton/ Cabery. A Board of Directors was elected and the group voted to affiliate with the Illinois Association for Mental Health. The Ford County Mental Health Association was chartered on May 11, 1967 by the Illinois Association for Mental Health.

Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Illinois Secretary of State's office in June of 1975, officially changing the name of the agency to Community Resource & Counseling Center, Inc. The agency was formed as a not-for-profit corporation to operate a resource and counseling center, to provide and/or secure comprehensive social services, including mental health resources, to persons residing in Ford County and neighboring communities. Officers of the corporation were elected and installed and an executive director was hired to handle the day-to-day operations of the agency.

Initially we started in a house, but over the years moved to accommodate the growing needs of the community. CRCC moved to our current location in 1997. This is a 9,000-square-foot building located on Route 9 in Paxton, Illinois. Our current staff is numbered at 26, including 13 Master's level therapists, two community support specialists, and a psychiatric nurse. In addition, a board certified child and adolescent pyschiatrist, who also works with adults, is available to the agency's clients two days a week.